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We are very happy to announce that the 2019 Calendar profits will again benefit The PWD Foundation’s Cancer Research program. Please support our calendar and make it the best ever by submitting your photos!


Photo submission deadline is May 28, 2018.


Click the “Submit Photo” button above and enter the indicated information. Use the “browse” button near the bottom of the form to find and attach your photo file. You can only submit one photo at a time. But you can submit up to 25 individual photos.

** Important File-naming Instructions: All images *must* be re-named prior to submission. Use your last name followed by the dog's name -- and then add a number to the end if submitting multiple images.

Examples of properly named image files for submission: HardingFluffy1.jpg; HardingFluffy2.jpg.

** Submit photos as jpegs.

** Do NOT resize your own photographs. Submit originals and let us resize. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

** If you have color-corrected or cropped your images, please include the unedited originals.

** Submit your photos at their full resolution (high resolution).

Remember that professional printing presses need a higher-resolution than desktop printers. And even though a photo looks wonderful on your computer screen, it doesn’t mean it is of print quality. Ideally, we're looking for images shot at 2400x1600 pixels, or larger. This means shooting at your highest resolution setting with a camera that is 5MP (megapixel) or more. However, as always, we have both large and small images in the calendar, so we can consider many images, except for the very smallest.

If you have questions, please email


** Let your dog be the main subject of the photo.
** This is a calendar -- consider how photos will correspond to various months and seasons.
** Remember that photos with a landscape orientation are necessary for large calendar photos.
** Show photos not accepted.
** Professional photographs, if picked, will require signed releases from the photographers.


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This is a contest, so send your very best pictures. Three rounds of judging happen between June 1st and August 1st. Winners are announced in late August. Every chosen photograph receives a FREE calendar. Front Cover winner also receives an exclusive gift from Nutmeg.

See tips on assessing your photos below.


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Tips for Self-Assessing Your Photos:

1. Remember this is a Portuguese Water Dog calendar. While beautiful photos that happen to have a PWD in them are appreciated, we are looking for photos in which the *dog* is the main subject.

2. Does your photo have the dog as the focus? Does it grab and hold the viewer’s attention? Does the photo tell a story? Is the image more than just a snapshot?

3. Does the dog appear to have fence posts or telephone poles or other such clutter coming out of its head or body? Does the background have clutter or unattractive objects (cars, buildings, etc) that detract from the photo?

4. Is the lighting appropriate and can we see the dog’s face or is the dog in deep shadow and without distinct features? Does the dog stand out from the background? Is the dog in sharp focus?

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5. Does the dog appear natural and relaxed? Are the eyes in sharp focus and free from red eye effects?

We hope these tips help you self-assess your photos and better understand the criteria we use when evaluating your submissions.

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